Energy Clearing Candles

These candles come as a set of three and will clear your whole space

of any negative energies, or lower frequencies.

These can come from arguments, fights, sickness, negative thoughts, drugs, spirits and more!

Use them for your meditation space, healing/channeling room, home, children’s bedrooms,

workplace, waiting rooms, areas of stress or wherever you are guided.

The uses are almost limitless.

The clearing work is carried out by the embedded codes and frequencies, under the guidance

of a selected Divine team that accompany each set of candles.

The clearing is carried out at three levels: Mind, Body and Spirit.

You can burn them for as long as you wish yet one hour is all that is needed for a clearing.

Simply position them in a central location in your home, or business space and let them

burn for approximately one hour.

On this basis, you will obtain approximately fifteen clearings per set of candles.

Alternatively, you may be guided to burn one candle at a time or move them from room to

room…in this case, follow your guidance!

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